Founded 2009 by artist, author, educator and artisan, Toni Quest, the Energy Stoners™ Jewelry Salon experience is uniquely treasurable. The salon atmosphere is ripe for creativity, as special wine tastings are paired with delectable tasty bites. Fun, relaxing and interesting banter between attendees, inspires wonderful conversations, often leading to friendships, healthy creative collaborations, and enterprising connections.

At Energy Stoners ™ Jewelry Salons, we connect in the spirit of laughter and learning. The salons feature a wine tasting, and a fun and easy jewelry design lesson. Every participant completes a beautiful, wearable piece, which always incorporates energy stones and quartz.

Every salon is unique. Bracelets, pendants, necklaces and earrings, feature genuine, precious and semi-precious energy stones and quartz, such as Herkimer diamonds, tiger’s eye, citrine, rose quartz and turquoise, to name just a few! Why energy stones? Energy stones are known to emit and attract specific vibrations. For instance, rose quartz is known to emit and attract loving vibrations. Citrine, for instance, is known as the success stone, a favorite choice for business owners. Fluorite is called the genius stone, as it aids in concentration and study habits. Meta-physicists claim energy stones emit and attract healing and manifestation properties. It is also said that when an energy stone is placed with a clear quartz or Herkimer diamond, the energy of that stone is amplified. Each Energy Stoners™ Jewelry salon focuses on a special stone and an easy lesson on how to create a piece of beautiful jewelry. Recent salons featured rose quartz, citrine, tigers eye, and pyrite. Participants complete a beautiful piece which can be proudly worn. Specially chosen venues provide an artistic mood, and a synergistic vibe, that stimulate imaginative thinking. Venues range from art galleries, dance studios, museums, libraries, restaurants, residential homes…the possibilities are endless! Energy Stoners™ Jewelry features precious and semi-precious energy stones, gem stones and quartz. Quality stones such as genuine rose quartz, tiger’s eye, citrine, turquoise, and more! Energy Stoners™ Jewelry Salons are special gatherings where individuals enjoy wine-tasting, friendly banter, networking, scrumptious appetizers, live music, and expert step-by-step jewelry design instruction. Energy Stoners™ Jewelry Salons are particularly unique. The salons are conducted in artistic venues such as, art galleries, museums, dance studios, libraries, and residential settings. Participants are guided by expert instructors, to create their very own sparkly version of the featured design. The designs always include genuine energy stones. Energy Stoners™ Jewelry Salons can be customized for your special occasion. Energy Stoners™ bridal party salons create jewelry accessories. For example, a wedding party gather to create jewelry accessories designed with rose quartz, and other energy stones to wear as the couple weds. Energy Stoners™ Jewelry and Jewelry Salons can be customized to meet most needs. Design functions range from Fluorite (the ‘genius stone’) for study concentration, to black tourmaline for protection, purification and cleansing of the energy field. And of course, Energy Stoners ™ Jewelry is Beautiful. The designs will enhance your wardrobe. The positive energy is everlasting. The experience is like no other!